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Pink Inspirations


Finding Inspiration . . . . . .

We have been having much needed rain in Southern California. Today is the first day all week that we have seen blue skies and a perfect day to get out in my garden to see what is starting to bloom before our official Spring.

Here . . . . . .

Pink Ranuculus are starting to bloom.

There . . . . .

Pink Primroses

Everywhere . . . . .

It's beginning to look like everything in early bloom is pink! I am beginning to think PINK inspiration.

I bought these pink roses last week at the Farmers Market and they are still beautiful after a week. I keep cutting the stems shorter and shorter and it has really prolonged their life.

I used one of my favorite blue and white pitchers to arrange the pink roses and picked a few pink geranium buds for the small blue and white pitcher. I collect blue and white china and use it often in my paintings - one of my artist friends calls blue and white "my signature" in my art.
I use a lot of Naples yellow as a background color on my canvas as it is very neutral and goes well with almost any color.

Close up of the little pink geranium petals in the painting.

I like to put the completed painting beside the set up to compare colors and form. I decided to paint the roses a little more open than the ones in the pitcher to look more like cabbage roses.

Completed painting.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and creative week. Thank you for your comments and visits to my blog. It means so much to me that you have taken time to leave a comment and to follow my blog.

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