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Debra's Cottage


Debra's Cottage

Finding inspiration . . .here. . .there. . everywhere.

"Rose Garden" painting

Welcome and join me for a little stroll through Debra's Cottage where I paint and meet customers on the first Saturday of the month. Debra's is a fabulous cottage style shop located in Costa Mesa, CA where I sell my art and home to over 100 talented vendors and artisans specializing in Cottage, Shabby Chic Style and Garden furnishings to romance your home.

The beautiful home decor and accessories at Debra's Cottage serve as many of the inspirations behind my Shabby Chic Style and Garden paintings which are shown on my blog post today.

"The Boudoir" painting

Inspiration for the "Tea Time" painting

"Tea Time" painting

"Garden Day in the Rose Garden" painting

"Flower Shop" painting

I will be painting at Debra's Saturday, November 1st and Saturday November 8th which is the day of our Winter Open House.

Debra's Cottage will be featured in the December issue of Romantic Homes Magazine and is located at:

2777 S. Bristol, Costa Mesa, CA - 714 662-5828 -http://debrascottage.com/

There is lots more to see at the Debra's charming cottage store and I hope you will join me next time when we will continue our tour.

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