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Flags and Fourth of July

Welcome. I am so happy that you stopped by. My garden gate is always open for you to come in and sit and relax with a glass of lemonade, and enjoy the flags and reflect on the true meaning of Fourth of July and what it means to our great country and the freedoms we are afforded here in America. I don't know about you, but Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It is a day to share with family and friends. Do you have a favorite holiday memory?

Looks like Bentley, my Studio Assistant, is ready to show you how the addition of a few 99.cent flags can add a lot of festivity to home and garden.

My son gave me the adorable 4th of July door mat for my birthday and I love the touch of whimsy it adds to my front porch.

I love whimsy in the garden - the bee signs were purchased at a craft fair for just a few dollars and are so fun to place in the garden along with a few flags.

The parasols were purchased at the end of the season as few years ago - they do not completely open but I use them anyway for a touch of color and more whimsy.

I have had the vintage wooden flag for years and it just gets better and more worn and weathered each year.

Let's leave my garden and take a drive around the neighborhood to enjoy some more flags and a taste of Americana and see how our neighbors celebrate Fourth of July.

"Now may the God of Peace . . .make you complete in everything good." Hebrews 13:20,.21

Wishing you and your family a peaceful Fourth of July.

Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you and sincerely appreciate your visits, comments, e-mails, and those who follow my blog. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see me paint something special. I am still having problems leaving comments on some of your blogs and will start sending comments to you via e-mail.

I will be on a little blog break getting ready to participate in WHERE BLOGERS CREATE 2011 on July 14th and look forward to sharing with you my creative spaces in my home and garden. Looking forward to seeing you on July 14th.

Sending a big THANK YOU to our Service Men and Women and their families who sacrifice so much to protect out freedoms.

God Bless You and Your Families

Blessings, Erin

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