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Fourth of July Painting

Welcome and Happy Fourth of July. One of my good customers lives on Balboa Island and commissioned me to paint a "summer" painting for her home. She loves red, roses, sunflowers, flags and summer porch living on the island. Put on your walking shoes and join me and Bentley for a little walking tour of Balboa Island looking for summer inspirations for the painting.

Bentley my "studio assistant" is anxious to get started.

Balboa Island is one of my favorite places to walk Bentley looking for inspiration for my art. It is a small island on the Newport Bay located about half a mile from the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Most of the cottages are reminiscent of the cottages on Nantucket and Cape Cod Islands.

Finding inspiration . . . . . . . .

Lovely porch with lots of red.


Here . . . . .
Red roses

There . . . . .

Vintage Picnic basket with flags and red geraniums

Everywhere . . . . .

We found lots of inspiration on our walk for the summer painting - flags, porches, roses, sunflowers and wicker furniture. My customer has brown wood paneling in her cottage and I decided to paint the porch floor brown in order to tie the painting into her home and bring harmony. I liked the browns in the vintage picnic basket with flags and also added a brown basket of purple flowers in order to bounce the brown around the painting. I also added Catalina Island to anchor the browns ( Catalina Island is a lovely island about 27 miles from Balboa Island in the Pacific Ocean and also a favorite destination of my customer).

The completed summer painting.

Have a bang up fourth.

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A big thank you to everyone who participated in the scarf project to help raise money for abandoned dogs.

Have a lovely week. Blessings, Erin

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