Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. ----- Ernest Hemingway

Rose Climbing On The Archway

rose garden arch

When I'm thinking about the garden or talking about the garden (which happens quite a lot) I'm always thinking or saying "that's one of my favourite roses". Garden magazines often have lists of their favourite roses, and I'm quick to agree or (usually) disagree with them.

I'm not overly impressed by the hybrid teas which inevitably do get on the list. And some roses are far too useful to be in vogue - I've never seen the bright pink Flower Carpet rose get a mention...
Roses are just the best (and can be the worst) plants in any garden. I love how universal roses are. There is equal joy in seeing two or three roses in a tiny town garden or seeing the huge rose panoramas in botanical gardens. A love of roses brings people from vastly different gardens together.

My roses do NOT get sprayed once a fortnight. I spray maybe once or twice in a whole year, particularly for bad infestations of aphids and/or rust. It's partly laziness, but I'm also not happy using nasty chemicals.
Please don't be disappointed if I don't sound like a rose dictionary, though occasionally I'll check in my big Botanica's Roses book to compare experiences. And my comments are very personal - particular varieties which fail in my garden will be brilliant somewhere else.
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