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Our Bluebirds are Back

For a while the Southern California Blue Birds seemed to almost disappear. I was so excited to see a Blue Bird in my garden the other day. This called for a little celebration and inspiration for a new painting. Lets take Bentley ,my studio assistant, and look around my little garden for inspiration for a garden painting with a blue bird.

I find inspiration for my art in every day life and in the every day objects in my surroundings. I love old fabrics and can't bear to get rid of throw pillows - they usually end up on the chairs in my garden. We have very little rain this time of the year in Southern California and I am able to leave old pilllows out during the summer and fall.

Finding inspiration . . . .

I liked the fact that one of the pillows is blue and white stripe and decided to use the pillows in my painting . . . the blue pillow will add a touch of blue to my composition to compliment the bluebirds.

Here . . . .

I also wanted to add pink roses in the background to pick up the pinks in the fabric on the floral pillows.

There . . . . .

I like to repeat colors and adding the blue Hydrangeas will add more blue and bring harmony to the painting.

Everywhere . . . . .

And of course we need to add a garden hat to our garden painting.

Now that we found the inspiration for the garden painting, let's get started.

I have lots of birds in my garden and love to put them in my paintings . . . I feel they bring life and interest . . . next - I decided with so many birds in the painting that they need to have a bird house suitable for multiple birds and added the "birdhouse condo" with a red roof for a pop of color.

The finished painting named "Welcome Back Bluebirds".

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Have a lovely week. Blessings, Erin

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